Jay Burton aka Jay Skillz is an open format DJ/event promoter/on-air personality raised in Houston and currently based in New Orleans, LA. With the help of Mike Swift he learned the ropes of the sacred art of DJing. Skillz beginning working on mixtapes with numerous artists in the city of New Orleans and started hosting a weekly radio show “B.S. Radio” at Loyola University. B.S. Radio was platform for numerous underground artists from not only New Orleans but nationally. 

After 5 years on B.S. Radio, Jay Skillz was hired at Power 102.9 completing a life long dream of getting on FM radio. When not on the radio you can catch Jay Skillz doing mixtapes in a variety of genres. All availble Now with the opportunity on Power 102.9 Jay Skillz hopes to take full advantage of this platform and continue to make major moves in the radio & music industry. So be on the lookout for everything and continue to #BelieveInTheSkillz